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Wild oceans to calm seas, rocky coasts to sandy beaches, nothing is more dramatic than seascapes. I am lucky enough to have photographed some amazing beaches including shorelines in Little Corona, Newport, Laguna, Big Sur, Moonstone, St. Thomas, St. John, Florida, and Hawaii.
Stormy Sunset at Little CoronaLow Tide StormJanuary GoldSea BurstReef Point Bold SunsetRushing SunsetExploding ColorNewport Pier Smooth SunsetMcWay Falls Clearing StormSunset Behind the CloudsCrystal Cove SurpriseNewport Pier TwilightBreaking ThroughStarfish and StacksSecond Beach in PinkSecond Beach SunsetAnchored Ship Sea StackCliff Island ArchFrothy SunsetGarrapata Calli Lilies