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The beautiful Grand Tetons portray the American Landscape at it's best. It is a favorite among photographers, including myself. Nothing beats the views at some of the National Parks famous spots including, Oxbow Bend, Snake River Overlook, Colter Bay and the Moulton Cabin at Mormon Row.
Oxbow Bend Panorama, Grand Tetons 2Jackson Lake, Grand TetonsWillow Flats Overlook 1Willow Flats Overlook, Grand Tetons 2Moulton CabinMormon Row Pink Cabin, Grand TetonsPre-Dawn at Snake River OverlookSchwabacher's Landing ReflectionsSchwabacher's Landing, Grand TetonsOxbow Bend DawnGrazing Bison, Indian Overlook, Grand TetonsColter Bay, Grand Tetons 2Colter Bay, Grand Tetons 1Colter Bay Canoes, Grand Tetons 1Colter Bay CanoesAntelope Flats Sunset, Grand Tetons 1Antelope Flats Sunset, Grand Tetons 2