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Anza Borrego State Park is the largest state park in California. With many wilderness areas and miles of hiking trails, visitors can experience the wonders of the California Desert. The park features washes, wildflowers, palm groves, cacti and sweeping vistas. Visitors may also have the chance to see roadrunners, golden eagles, kit foxes, mule deer and bighorn sheep as well as iguanas, chuckwallas and the red diamond rattlesnake.
Anza Borrego Cholla Cactus SunriseAnza Borrego Barrel CactusAnza Borrego Barrel CactusAnza Borrego Cactus spinesAnza Borrego Checker Fiddleneck FlowerDune Evening PrimroseAnza Borrego Desert Flower LandscapeAnza Borrego Desert Flower LandscapeAnza Borrego Desert StarBefore The Sunrise, Anza BorregoAnza Sunrise 1Anza Borrego Sunrise 2Barrel CactusAnza Borrego Desert LavenderThe Desert in BloomHellHole CanyonCoyote CanyonPalm Canyon