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The Eastern Sierra Nevada's rise dramatically from the desert floor, unlike the Western side that gradually builds with rolling hills. Beautiful alpine lakes create magical settings for camping and fishing like Lake Sabrina and South Lake. In fall, aspen groves display their bold golden colors proudly.
Lake Sabrina Dusted with SnowLake Tahoe MoonsetSouth Lake Road Aspen 2Rock Creek LakeRock Creek Meadow 1Rock Creek Meadow 2Rock Creek Meadow 3Rock Creek Meadow 4Little Lakes Valley, Mack LakeRock Creek in FallLake SabrinaBishop Creek SouthBishop Creek SouthRock Creek MeadowRock Creek Leaves 1Rock Creek Leaves 2Convict Lake 1Paradise Cove Morning, Lake TahoeSurveror's Meadow, Bishop Creek 2Four Jefferey's View